Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Did you know 'this' and 'shit' have the same letters in them?"

Do you have a major case of the Mondays? (Office Space reference!) I know I did, especially with all this studying.
This past weekend Christine and I went out shopping and here are a few pics from Saturday.
Here's Christine in her Oliver Peoples sunglasses she fell in love with at Off Sak's Fifth Ave.

Haha. I'm a sweater knit me! The same glasses that Christine fell in love with but in tortoise shell! I'm in a desperate need for tortoise shell sunglasses since I have my black Ray-Bans already =(
Here are a pair of sexy Betsyville by Betsy Johnson shoes I totally fell in love with. The bottoms of the shoes were sparkly hot pink! They were $149 and uber high, but so hot. Please ignore my toes and my Rainbows haha. Christine told me to take a picture in the shoes =)

Some silly, but adorable glasses that make me look like effin' Yoko Ono or something.

As I mentioned I got some new stuff from Mac and just wanted to let you guys know what I thought of it.
Left to Right: Lipglass in Florabundance, Plushlash in Plushblack, Lipstick in Honeylove (Matte)

Let's start with the mascara. Plushlash is my new favorite mascara! While I'm still contemplating the Givenchy, I will definitely be using this for the next 3 months. I love this mascara so much that I actually want to use it every day! Here's the breakdown of what I have to say about it:
1. It holds a curl
2. ITS ONLY $12!
3. It doesn't flake or clump!!
4. It does great on volumizing my lashes and it even lengthens a little bit
This was a recommendation from Christine (Closet Rebel) and boy am I glad I got it. I actually like this mascara much more then Fresh's Supernova and Benefit's Bad Gal. I know I raved about Supernova, but over time the mascara would start to flake and I'd get 'coon eyes (and we all know how attractive that is!). I do not have any flaking with Plushlash and the fact that it holds a curl on my lashes is amazing!
Here's a look at the wand.
Here's a picture of my lashes without mascara (click to enlarge =) ) I have typical Asian lashes that point down and are very short.
With Plushlash! I don't know about you but I'm shocked at the difference.

So I finally got my first lipstick! I've always been weary about lipstick because I see that it dries out lips and I HATE having dry lips. But I instantly fell in love with this color and had to get it.
Mac lipstick in Honeylove.
Words cannot express how much I love this lipstick and I found it on a total accident. Christine tried on this adorable pale pink Shu Uemura lipstick while we were at Nordstroms and I asked the SA if Mac had something similar and she showed me this. While it's not a pale pink, it gives me the perfect nude-ish lip in my opinion. Like I've said before, I've never really liked colors such as Hue or Creme d'nude on me and I have no idea why. But no worries because now I have Honeylove! At the counter this may look a little too beige, but once you see it in the light you see the rosey colors. It's a Matte finish which I adore because I hate when my lips are far too shiny.
Here are my lips with nothing but Palmer's Cocoa butter on them to moisturize so my lips don't dry out.
Here are my lips again just with a flash to see the difference. They're pink... just like most lips haha. Nothing too speical.

Sorry this picture is a little dark but the one with flash didn't come out too well. This is with Honeylove on. The color of my lips are muted but not too much and they still look a little pink. The second picture is just with another layer of it on.

Here's a swatch of Honeylove and Florabundance on my hand. My arm is a bit tanner then my face (I hang my arm out my window when I drive so I'm brown on one arm and caramel on the other... FML) so it doesn't really do much justice but you get the point =)

So I tried on NARS Turkish Delight once and totally fell in love with it but I couldn't stand the price tag. I mentioned this to Christine and she said that I should try either Underage or Florabundance. I can't remember why Underage didn't work out for me all I know is that I tried it on and looked in the mirror and Christine and I both shook our heads. Florabundace on the other hand was just perfect. I guess I'm a sucker for those peachy colors.

Top: Florabundance with no flash Bottom: Florabundance with flash

Here I layered Florabundance on top of Honeylove and it made a very nice pale pink color. Again, top without flash, bottom with flash.

On a totally random side note! I went to the car dealership with my friend Tony today after class because he's planning on getting a new car. He's totally in love with this car:
2008 Dodge Charger SRT8.
I am by no means a car buff, but after hearing Tony go on about this car for the past couple of days, I think I have two words that sum up this car. "Vroom, Vroom!" They have one in the show room at the dealer we went to and the guy who owned it previously, traded it in because his wife said it was too fast. The engine is a monster and the inside is huge and I'm pretty sure you can fit 3 bodies in the trunk. I think we spent a good 30 minutes just gazing at the car and sitting in it. Before we went into the show room though, Tony pointed out the Dodge Challenger and I had no idea what it was so we walked over to it. I am not a big fan of American cars but I instantly fell in love with this:
2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8
As Tony would put it: *drool*!!!! It's a completely modernized muscle car. I wanted to see the SRT8 version but they only open it for serious buyers but they did open up the R/T version and it was amazing. While I never see myself buying this car... well never say never haha... but it's just so hot. I think we're heading back tomorrow to test drive the Dodge Charger RT (a step down from the SRT8) because Tony decided that he doesn't need such a high performance car... if I don't survive please know that I love you all.

Until next time, lovers.



  1. Office Space! Ooh, I haven't been to Off Fifth in soo long. :( Looks like you girls had a great time.

    P.S Those shoes scream "SEX". Loves.

  2. Wah those shoes are gorgeous! Haha I've never seen shoes with colored (not to mention sparkly!) bottoms =O. I'd bee crossing my legs and stepping abnormally high just to show the color off xDD.
    Nice Mac haul!

  3. haha good times ctang :) im so glad you enjoyed the MAC goodies!! everything looks good on ya! thats the transformers car!!

  4. i was trying to reply to you but wrote to the wrong blogger. haha i accidentally clicked on your first blogger on your list, and not your blog.

    nice haul.
    and seriously technology is so extreme. the GPS shows us the speed limit and our speed!! creepy. and plus my ipod touch has the map application that can locate where i am. there is no privacy with technology.

    and American muscles are so fricken sexy. i love the roar of there engine. but my heart belongs to imports :)

  5. oooo the plumplash looks good!!! and yeah i tried the bad gal mascara before and hated it cause it dried up and was clumpy and crappy and awful! u should do a blog on food... i dunno... food=awesome... maybe more awesome than makeup? uh oh.. i said it! lol

  6. lol i didn't know you guys were actual friends! i always get your blog name and christine's mixed up when i go back to comment =\.

    i love the lip gloss on you!! it's so pretty!

  7. Hey hello there. I am totally diggin your MAC haul. Also, i totally love your lips. They look so plump..

  8. hey hun!! thank you so much for the suggestions, and suggesting putting it on etsy! i get so lost in time on that site all the time!

    my forehead is actually worse than the pics now :( overnight, the mark got darker. it looks like a birthmark now. =\ i've been putting vitamin E and did a watermelon and yogurt mask.

    i don't know what else to do... hopefully it doesn't scar like that (!!)

  9. ohhh i totally wanted those betsy johnson shoes but i couldnt find my size!! *tears..

  10. I wish I had an Off Saks near me! Are there always good stuff there? YAY to MAC hauls, i love MAC!! Florabundance seems to be the COLOR this summer, i must try? I love your swatch pictures, it looks great! Better than my shitty take. lol. Spill the secrets for the camera angles?!?