Monday, July 27, 2009

Nails, Swatches, and Pictures, OH MY!

How was your weekend, my lovely chicas?? My weekend was pretty wonderful. This picture basically explains why my weekend was so great:
Hahahahaha. Oh yes, this is the stud muffin, Philip from a previous post... with a funny face and shot glasses on his head. Did I ever mention I have the BEST friends?! But I'll save the pictures of my life for later on in the post.

I mentioned before that I had a little China Glaze haul and I've been painting my nails random colors lately. Here's the product of Thursday night:
Sexy in the City

This color reminds me of the mermaid color that Sephora had on their website for a while. It's got subtle green undertones that you can't see in the picture. It's so nice and shiny. My thoughts on China Glaze so far is pretty freakin' rad. I haven't had any chipping what so ever and the colors come out very nice. I ususally do two coats to get an even color :)

I also forgot to mention this little thing when I did my post on my Revlon haul! My bad.
Revlon Color Stay Pallete in Saultry Smokey

So far I've only played with the colors. I realized that the picture doesn't really show that the last color is a very light Lavender. So far, that one is my favorite. I really have no effin' clue how to apply eyeshadow ( I'm such a N00b) but chyeah. I've tried a few things out and I look like a freak of nature with colored eyelids. Hahahaha. My friend Monica used to do my make up before I went out when I lived in Connecticut (for all of 6 months, fail). So hopefully one day I'll master the skills of eyelid art and show you guys how great this pallet is.

So this past week was one of my best friends birthday! (see post below haha) And to say the least we had to throw a party since it was her big 21st. I'm sure I totally bore you guys with my life but my friends are such a big part of me and this blog is intended to document my beauty habits and my life events, so I figure I'd share a few pictures with y'all. If you want more, friend me on Facebook! My badge is to the right... please let me know if that link allows you to friend me. My privacy settings on my FB are so complicated I confuse myself sometimes.

One of my favorite pictures from the night. Classic Joel face. Why must he be so tan! Amanda creeping in the back!

Amanda and Daniel. They've known each other since like 5th Grade... and I think they're secretly best friends, they just don't want to admit it to each other.

This is me with my friend Sean. I look awful in this pic, but I wanted to show you guys Sean. Cori and I call him Jacob Black ahahha. He looked a lot more like Jacob with his old long hair but now he's Wolf Pack Jacob with his short hair. Amanda kept going on and on about how he and his brothers, and our friends (who are also brothers) compose the Wolf Pack... I love drunk Amanda!

My big bro, Avo and me. My picture taking skills were so sloppy at this point, but I love Avo's God pose hahaha. No, he's not really my brother by birth, but we might as well be family.

I love the Birthday Girl, Cori, to pieces <3. Sorry for the blurriness but Cori and I agreed that it's very metaphorical to how the night was... a blur but totally fun.

We are thicker then blood, we are a bit more than friends, we are family <3


So I haven't hauled much since I'm trying to save up a bit, but I did buy a few clothes that I've been meaning to show you girls so that'll definatly be next post! I am by NO means a fashionista and I have a hard time picking out clothes that fit me right, but when I do I snatch that up!

Hope everyone is doing well :)



  1. haha nice post! looks like you had an awesome time XD

  2. looks like you had an awesome weekend! i'm still such a noob at applying eyeshadows still lol....i still haven't got down the art of proper blending :)

  3. aww cute pics! Looks like you guys have a blast! :D

    I miss hanging out with a majority of my friends. Alot of my friends go to college out-of-state and they (and I) work alot during the summers, so we hardly ever get to see each other. :(