Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi, I am C.Tang and I am UBER Forgetful- Swatches + Reviews + Award

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am extremely forgetful! I totally forgot a LOT of things that I was going to put in my previous post, but I will make it up in this one :)

First, I realized that I never did a swatch of my Revlon lipsticks on my lips! Dumbass hahaha. So here they are for your viewing pleasure!
Here's my natural lip with lip balm for comparison.

Gentlemen Prefer Pink

As I said before, this is my FAVORITE out of the three that I picked up. It gives my lips a noticeable but gentle pearly pink. I've had no problems with this lippie drying out my lips at all and to say the least I'm pretty much in love with it. I can wear it almost everyday with any outfit... other then my gym clothes :)
Pink About It

So, this was the BRIGHT ass pink lipstick that reminded me of a strawberry pink. And now you can see what I mean by this swatch. It has grown on me a bit though, but I did find this one to be very drying after a few hours, which is weird because I never had a problem with my other Revlon Matte lipstick. Overall, I don't hate it but I don't love it. I'll probably be a lippie I keep on hand for a day where I'm feeling very fun and confident.

Pink Pout

Ahhhh. The lipstick that sparked the Revlon haul to begin with! I don't think this picture does this lipstick much justice but I absolutely LOVE this lipstick. It gives me the perfect nude lip without washing out my face completely. I've always had that issue with nude lips where it's so nude that it just makes my face look... off. Maybe I'll be able to show you guys in a picture one day. But this lipstick has very light pinks in it and when paired with Florabundance, I've got a lip that is perfect for summers.

So while I'm on the subjects of lipsticks. Christine and I were discussing a few things she wanted to buy (Revlon lippies) and we talked about how surprisingly nice the quality of this drug store lipstick was and then... It occurred to me.

Ever since I bought my Revlon lipsticks, I have completely neglected my Mac Honeylove. I tried wearing this lipstick out many times since I bought it and every time after a few hours, my lips are as dry as the Sahara Desert, despite putting lip balm under my lipstick. Does anyone else have this issue with Mac lipsticks? I know Mac is like the Holy Grail to many blogger babes and extremely lovable due to all their colors and finishes, but for $14 each and such popular demand, I kind of expected something more promising, even if I have to put lip balm under it. So lovely readers I must ask you, do you have the same issue with Mac lippies drying your lips or am I just imagining things? How was your first Mac lipstick experience? Also, what are your favorite lipsticks brands/colors?

Keep or Return?
Since I'm on a ROLL with this beauty stuff, why stop now?! My Lancome BiFacil has been at it's very last days of life for a while and I wanted to try something other then the BiFacil becuase I'll be the first to admit, I am not made of money and my beauty addiction has taken a toll on my bank account. I've read many reviews that Clinique Take the Day Off is comparable to the Lancome Bifacil. So I went out and bought a travel size of Take the Day Off (1.7 fl oz for $8.50 at Sephora) instead of the full size (4.2 fl oz for $17.50) vs Lancome BiFacil which only comes in the 4.2 fl oz size for $26 . That's a whole $8.50 difference for the same amount of product.

Here are my thoughts on the Lancome Bifacil:
- A little bit goes a long way
- very gentle on eyes (doesn't matter if I'm using toilet paper or cotton balls)
- 1 or 2 swipes gets ALL my make up off, including MUFE liner or MAC waterproof liner

My thoughts on Take the Day Off:
- not as gentle as BiFacil, but no tugging necessary to take off make up
- 2 to 4 swipes to get off all water proof liner
- sometimes I have to go back with a Q-tip and get the remaining liner on my eyes
- I generally have to dip my cotton ball 2x
- The layers never seperate properly again after using... instead it creates a 3rd milky colored layer between.... reminds me of Organic chemistry and inorganic layers and organic layers... hahaha I'm such a geek!

Overall thoughts:
Is Take off the Day as great as BiFacil? : H-e-double hockey sticks NO
Is TOTD a good and cheaper alternative to BiFacil?: Yes. Yes it is.
Would I recommend TOTD to a friend?: Totally! My friends and I were playing with make up one day and we all used it.

Verdict: Keep or Return?
Keep. It's good for what it is and the price doesn't break the bank. Will I be running out to buy the full size when I'm done with the travel size? No. I've read on some blogs that baby oil does the job just as well! We all know that the key in removing make up is oil! Yes, it leave a residue on your face, but I wash my face post-taking off make up anyways! Plus it's hella cheap. It's worth the try. But if baby oil doesn't work out, I'll more then likely return to using BiFacil.

So the lovely Puff gave me the blogger buddie award:
I love the icon that goes for it! It's so cute!! Thank you, Puff for giving me this award! You are too sweet. I love the idea behind it because we are all kinda like buddies on blogger :)

Pass this award on to bloggers you feel are friendly (hence blogger "buddie" :D) and interesting posters as well!

I award:
Amy Naree

"Tony Kim" (12:05:21 PM): I GOT ALL 151 POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the IM I just got...which reminds me that I've been wanting to share something with y'all for a while. There is this website called Sporcle that Dan got me addicted to... and I in turn got Tony addicted to this summer. It's basically a category game. For example: Name the Original 150 Pokemon... (which Tony has done God knows how many times) and you just type your answers (if it's the right answer it'll automatically go in, no need to press enter). The site is updated daily with new categories so I do it when I get REALLY bored. I think I've done a good 75% of them... and 20% I've done twice.

I don't know if I've ever told you guys, but I can see the future... I foreshadow...

That I will be writing a post on my thoughts of the movie 500 Days of Summer, another nail swatch, show you guys a bit of my closet and my shoes, food that I've been meaning to share... and do another tag :D


  1. Nice lip swatches!! I love pick lippies! It's not just you, but I have drying problems with MAC lipsticks as well. I actually thought it was just me because I have a problem with my lips being super dry and flaky. But yea, no matter if I put on lip balm underneath MAC lipstick always seems to dry out and look cakey on me :/ I've owned about 4 so far and haven't had much luck. You should definitely try the Revlon Renewist Lipsticks (with the moisturizing center), they are great!

    As for Lancome vs Clinique, I like them both pretty equally. I have heard that Neutrogena, Sonia Kashuk, and CVS brand makes some that works just like those for half the price. I've never tried but once I run out of my Lancome that's what I'm going for next.

    Thanks for the Blogger Buddie Award! I love the picture too, it's super cute :)

  2. I love revlon matte lipsticks...I got the pink pout and nude attitude and I like it cuz it's very affordable & great lips are already very dry so even with Mac lippies I have to use a lip balm and a gloss...and still after few minutes my lips are choppy...I also like NYX,got a lot of pretty colors and Rimmels (airy fairy&birthday suit) both are very cheap brands..

    Thanks for recommending looks fun...:)

  3. the lippies look super cute on you! We should go shopping and get some more makeup goodies ^^ lol

    Thanks for the tag, and dont worry, im forgetful as well i always forget stuff on each post lol ><

  4. Great entry! I am very forgetful as well... lol

  5. aww thanks for the award! I still have to find a way to post it up since Puff gave me one too lol

    Great review on the TOTD, I use Neutrogena and cold cream, it's a pretty good combo to take off waterproof stuff - I did a side by side comparison of Neutrogena and BiFacil and I found them to be the same - you should do a comparison in the future, I'd love to hear what you think about it :)

  6. Yay, what an adorable award! Thank you, Christine!! :)

    I might be in the minority here but I'm more of a lipgloss girl and own only one lipstick (and this was free

    I do love the "Gentlemen Prefer Pink" lippie on you.

  7. I like your blog!

    You're Vietnamese too? :)

  8. I'm going to get pink about it! :) hehe thanks for the swatches :D and mac lipsticks gets absorbed on me like everyother lipstick because I have such dryyyy lips! lol, and I have tons of the take the day off sample sizes and it's okay, I haven't tried my bifacil out yet lol :) but if it tugs on you, just might as well pay the extra buck because you say a little goes a long way right? :D

  9. wow you have gorgeous lips girl!im goin to get pink about it hopefully they have it here in australia:)

  10. Thanks for the lip-swatch! I remember I liked Gentlemen Prefer Pink, but I actually like Pink About It on your lips. :)

  11. Yaay! Thanks for the award! And the lippie photos :D

  12. Pink lipstick never gets outdated and it looks so sweet! Nice pout!

  13. I'm glad you kept it! Pink Pout is gorgeous and i love it also!!

  14. P.S. Dang girl, you are on a roll with makeup!