Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wibbly Wobby... Timey Wimey...

Is every one still alive and well out there? I got a friendly reminder from my friends today that I used to blog and after scrolling through some old posts, I got very nostalgic. Blogging was such a great way to document the events in my life. It's been a few years, some things have changed and some things have stayed the same. Let's go through a run through:

One of the biggest changes in my life is my best friend and partner in crime, Donna, moving to Boston. I'm so proud of her big move and incredibly jealous. I like to think of her move as a blessing in disguise; it's just an excuse for me to visit Boston all the time. Last winter, we went to the Pats vs Cleveland game and had the most epic time. The Pats came back in a last minute win and it was insane. We had epic stories on the train ride and even managed to get photobombed by a little kid. I miss this girl every day. It's hard not having  your other half to paint the town red with. But she's doing big things in Beantown and as always, there's a couch with my name on it. 

Diana, a fellow crack pack member, got engaged! She's getting married Nov of this year and I can't even wrap my head around it. She'll be one of my first close friends to get married and she's taking it all this stress with such grace. We all can't wait to attend her beautiful wedding. I'll be the one up there with the other two girls being a crying blubbering mess. If we were sobbing at the dress fitting, I can't even imagine how we are going to react when we're standing next to her as she marries the love of her life. I need to stop before I start crying.

My best friend(s) got engaged! This is a very exiting time in our lives. They've been together forever and we have been through our ups and downs, but I couldn't be happier for one of my favorite couples. I'm so honored to be standing next to my friend as her maid of honor on her wedding day on October 11, 2015 and I just couldn't be any happier for these two.

These last few years had led me to several adventures. This is a gorgeous picture of a sunset at Gibson Island. Adventuring to G.I. has reminded me to stop every once and a while and breathe. Learn to admire the beauty around you and you deserve to relax. Life in the DMV is always "go, go, go!" But I forget to stop and smell the roses. I didn't even know places like this existed in Maryland, but I'm definitely  learning to find more time to explore. 

In 2014, I dipped my toe into the dating world. Now for the record, I had been happily single for about 2 years before my first date. I decided that my friends were right, "What are you going to do be single for the rest of your life?" Plus, if anything at least I'll make some new friends! Dating as an adult is strange. I've always been in the situation where you're friends first and things kind of roll into a relationship because that's how the chips fall. 
First dates can be slightly awkward until you find common ground to talk about and then you just spend hours talking about that. I've been on great dates and I've been on pretty awful ones. Luckily, I've been on more good then bad, but I'm not trying to jinx myself. As a self proclaimed foodie, I always just default to food. Everyone has to eat, right? Dating has taught me a lot though. Occasionally, no matter how much you want it, things don't really work out. Other times, what can't be a romantic relationship can turn into a pretty kick-ass friendship. And every once and a while, things just work. My biggest reminder is: Don't take it too seriously. I never present myself as someone I am not, because what is the point of that? Why build a fake foundation? 
I've done my fair share of embarrassing things on dates. I forget these guys don't know me at all and don't know that I make sound effects to narrate my stories, make weird hand gestures because I get so into my stories, or make strange facial expressions. They either find it totally endearing or I catch them so off guard they don't have enough time to think. I'm just a very animated, sarcastic, and sassy. 

This blog wouldn't be complete without some talk about beauty. These last several years have brought on a lot of hair changes for me. I've dabbled into the ombre trend and have been obsessed. Originally, I did a bright blonde ombre. I was obsessed with it, but wasn't really ready to care for blonde hair. After a few months of growing it out, I chopped it all off and waited patiently for my natural hair to grow out. If there's one thing to know about me: I am NOT patient. I ended up getting extensions because I craved long hair again. My extensions lasted a full 2 weeks before I was pulling them out strand by strand. My hair finally grew long enough and the first thing I did was get a brown ombre dyed in. I have to say I am absolutely in love with it. The brown is obviously much more of a natural color against my complexion and as it's grown out I've just been craving to go full brunette. I know the ombre trend is dying out, but theres something simple about the transition of color on hair that I love. Not to mention I've taken great care of my ombre this time around after learning my lesson after my blonde. 

That's all there is to share for now. We will see where this blog will take me. I'd love to share all my new finds from food to beauty. Or even just a recollection of my adventures as a twenty-something living in the DMV.