Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Lovin' Having a Blast...

I am back and alive from Emerald Isle, North Carolina. It took 9 hours to get there and 9 hours to get back (instead of 7 each way) but all in all I have to say it was a bomb diggity trip! I will admit I think Dan and I spent more time sleeping then at the beach, but the sun can do that to you!

Despite putting on SPF like it was my job, I got some sunburn on my shoulder (EPIC FAILURE!) Haha to further my failure I fell asleep in a beach chair so only the front of my legs are tan... uhh... oops?! But that's why I have the rest of the summer to even it all out.

A few highlights of my trip:
1. Catching some awesome rays and attempting to get "brown."
2. Spending time with the boyfriend after not seeing him for a while
3. Hanging out with Dan's nephew and niece. They are absolutely adorable! I can't believe his niece can talk now! My favorite thing that his nephew said was when we were sitting in the living room and Dan had his Ray Bans on and I asked Lindsay (Dan's nephew) who Dan was and he said "He's a dude. He's got sunglasses, he's a dude!" Hahaha! Then I asked if he was a dude and he said, "Yeah! I'm a dude cause I have a mohawk." I wish I was 3 years old again with sweet Spongebob jammies.
4. I think everyone should take a visit to NC... or at least Emerald Isle, NC. Everyone there is so nice! We'd be walking to the beach (like a 10 minute walk from the house) and people driving by would smile and wave even though we had no idea who they were.
5. I really want to try Bojangles!

Christine (Closet Rebel) & Amy (Amynaree) were lovely enough to tag me =)

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.
1. I am 19 and a student @ Unversity of Maryland majoring in Cellular Biology and Genetics.

2. I am friends with Christine aka Closet Rebel in real life. Haha =) Yes, we hang out and go to the mall and munch on sushi together and sit at the Union at school together and even have the same name. She is the one that started out my fascination with make up, which I in turn have hooked the rest of my friends. She's really awesome. You should follow her if you haven't already because I adore her.
3. I've known my boyfriend Dan since 6th grade. I was a crazy Harry Potter fanatic and he told me he'd never watch a HP movie all the way through. Summer of Junior year, I made him come over to my house and forced him to sit through the first Harry Potter movie. He hated it, but I made him come over for all the other ones and that started our movie nights. He hasn't been able to get rid of me since =)
I'm such a creep haaha

4. My first mascara was Lil' Bad Gal...about 6 months ago... it's been all down hill since then haha.

5. I am Chinese, but my Dad was born and raised in Vietnam so he considers himself to be Vietnamese, but my grandparents are Chinese. I am fluent in Cantonese and understand Mandarin and can speak the basics of it. After 15 years of Chinese school, I can translate in pin-ying pretty well but reading the characters is a whole other story. I wish I could speak Vietnamese.

6. I'm what a lot of people consider "white-washed." I can't count how many people have called me a ABC, Twinkie, or Banana. I haven't really figured out how I feel about being labeled this. I mean, it's totally true. I was raised in the American culture, what do people expect? I just hope I never lose my Chinese culture, but as long as I embrace it I don't think I will. Plus, what's wrong with being able to enjoy a Hamburger once and a while but eating chicken feet at dim sum the next day? I guess it's just kinda annoying when people first hear me talk and they respond, "I didn't expect you to speak like that." Or how people who talk to me on the phone before they meet me always say, "I totally expected you to be white." What is that supposed to mean?!

7. I'm currently totally and completely obsessed with the 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 and I blame my friend Tony for it. It's kind of gotten sad how much we just text each other and talk about how sexy the Challenger and Charger are and how we dream to drive down the highway, him in his black charger, me in my black challenger, going "vroom, vroom" as we say it. This is now our life goal.
8. I make friends to keep. Through thick and thin. I've been friends with this girlies since who knows when. They've been bffs since like elementary school but they welcomed me with open arms. This picture basically defines our lives for the most part.
This was my junior prom and their senior prom (one of like six pictures that exist from that night). I love them to death. The Crack Pack will live on.
Sophomore homecoming with my best friend since 7th grade. (Brace face...FML)

9. With my Challenger, I want a puppy! Specifically, I want a Wheaten Terrier. Dan promised that he'd get me one for my 24 birthday/Pharmacy School graduation even though he's not a big fan of dogs. All I know is that I want a puppy and I'm holding him to that promise no matter what!
10. I am deathly scared of heights. I can ride in airplanes just fine, but roller coasters scare the living shit out of me. There is a video somewhere in the internet of me riding Superman at Six Flags... it is not a pleasant video. I still don't know how I got coaxed into that.

I Tag:
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  1. very cute! hahahaha we need to hang out real soon! LMAO at the whitewashed one hahahaha! your too funny

  2. OMG i have to post that video up of u screaming at six flags! its on ian's myspace!!! MWAHAHAHHA

  3. awww how cute you guys are friends in real life! didn't know that haha come visit me in NYC!!! haha btw that plushlash thing from your previous post made my mouth

  4. ahh! so cute!!! you rock! we're similar in many ways. i love science girls me being one as well =). you and christine are such sweet girls! i love that you know each other! and that is so cute that you and Dan knew each other since 6th grade!! i'm fluent in Cantonese as well! I can understand Mandarin but I don't like hearing myself because i think i have a really heavy Cantonese accent lol. I'm so glad being in the hot FL sun didn't wash me white all the way. lol. I'm actually more Chinese than I give myself credit for. Well maybe not. lol Hamburgers and chicken feet are the bomb. lol Food is my kryptonite. any type of good food. i don't discriminate. =P

    i'm so glad you did this hun!

  5. hey! we're share point 4!
    I'm mixed Cantonese, Vietnamese Taiwanese. My parents are born and raised in Vietnam, but we speak Cantonese at home, and I speak mandarin as well! But like you, I don't really speak Vietnamese, maybe just a few words/sentences! how funny!!!


  6. Oh, you're totally not "white washed" if you speak your Asian language imo. ;-) Gawd, I hate labels.

  7. Heeey congrats to you too on winning Stacy's giveaway! I was soo shocked about winning that too. haha

    Omg. The Challenger---sexy!! I love it. My boyfriend wants the new Camaro. I want the old Camaro SS. lol

    Aww that story of you and your boyfriend is so cute! ;)

    I'm totally with you on #10!! I will never again get on a rollercoaster. lol.

  8. Aw the pics are so freakin cute in this tag, the pup is adorable too!!

  9. BLARGGHHH That picture should have died along with that dress HAHAH.