Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ok. I love getting new products and not having to drop a dime on it. I recently exchanged a few things from my MAC haul for the following:

Mac Lipstick in Honey Love
Mac Lipglass in Florabundance
Mac Plushlash

I can't wait to try these all out! I'm way excited for Honey Love though because I tried it on in store and instantly fell in love with it. I love the nude lip and think some ladies can pull it off flawlessly ... cough cough christine... cough cough. But colors like Hue and Creme d' nude always made me feel a little out of place with my nude lip. I could never put my finger on it though, but Honey Love is a whole different story!

Christine and I went to CCO yesterday and browsed. We didn't get anything (shocker I know!) but it's nice to know we have one around and we can go browse when we feel like it. I did like a few lipsticks that I saw there but nothing that really stuck out with me.

Sigh. I also returned some stuff at Sephora for store credit but now I'm at a lost to what to spend it on. I totally fell in love with Mac's mineralized blush in Gleeful and I found something by Laura Geller that's similar, but I'm a bit skeptical.

So, I'm heading to the beaches of North Carolina for my fourth of July weekend with the boyfriend and his family this coming Thursday and I'm way excited. It'll be nice to just sit back, enjoy the beach, expierence the "South", and see a beach other then Ocean City.

Speaking of Gleeful, is anyone other then me TOTALLY excited for the new show on Fox called Glee to begin it's full season?!!?


  1. Have fun at North Carolina with your boyfriend & his family (:

    And good job, on controlling your will to buy! Lol.

  2. Did you return your online purchases in store? I always wondered if I could do that. Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog! <3

  3. hey hun! oh gosh... i did some damage with the sumo sale! mac products are just so hard to resist!!!
    i hope you have fun with you bf and fam in n. carolina! i heard it was beautiful there =)

  4. Just visited your blog for the first time today =D. Your posts are so interesting! I'm loving all the makeup, faces, and food pics. Your skin is in really amazing condition...I intrigued by the Cetaphil moisturizer. And yea, I also a lot of makeup stuffs that I haven't worked up the courage to wear out in public (being as everyone's used to the barefacedness, and cause the technique is still lacking). Gradually build it up haha.

    Keep it up! =D

  5. I can't wait to see your new haul... wheee~ :)

  6. Have fun at the beach girly! I can't wait to see your new haul. Florabundance is a good buy it looks so pretty on everybody!! =]