Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Came, I Saw, I Devoured and Conquered. (Picture Heavy)

The day started out with sheets of pouring down in Maryland, but my daddy ventured through it and drove me and Christine to Baltimore and to drop us off at the station for Bolt Bus. The ride was fairly smooth since there were only 15 passengers on the whole bus and I passed out for most of it. We were 15 minutes outside of New York when the bus's radiator decides to just give. We waited about an 45 minutes for another bus to come pick us up and we arrived an hour later then planned. But all that matters is that we made it here and we found our hotel no problem.
First thing I must mention about Bolt Bus. THEY OFFER $1 FARES! You read right. $1. The catch? They only have a limited amount of them and you have to book early (i'd say a about 2 weeks) to jump on this awesome deal. They offer $1 fare to start selling seats on a bus but after those seats are gone, the price goes to $10, then when it starts really filling it goes to $13 and so on. If anyone is from the Baltimore/DC area I definitely suggest taking Bolt Bus to NYC (despite the little breakdown problem we had). It is quick (takes about 3 to 3.5 hours) because they don't stop at any rest stops, cheap! (our tickets were 43 dollars round trip for two people! that's 7 dollars less then Greyhound's round trip for 1 person!).
The bus has wifi (dan cam along for the ride too haha) to keep you entertained! ( even if it's a bit sluggish), and there's extra leg room so you don't feel cramped! The hours are pretty good too. Considering Bolt Bus is owned by Greyhound I have no idea why it's not more popular. On both rides there were only about 15-20 people, but then again we were commuting between NYC and Baltimore. There was a DC bus before ours and the bus was PACKED. But I just suspect that the DC bus would be a little louder with all those people. The AC on the bus works fine and like I said, the seats are so spacious and have plenty of leg room. Not to mention it drops off about 1 DC block away from the metro so it's way convenient. It drops off on 10th and H street NW so you're right next to a Metro Center (Blue, Red, and Orange Line!!) They also go to Philly&Boston!!

Day 1: Times Square, Flatiron, Koreatown, Hell's Kitchen

When in NYC there has got to be food and lots of it. The first place we hit up was:

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
61 west 23rd between 5th Ave and 6th Ave

I just realized I'm really short. Christine && Me in front of Rickshaw! We both got the Peaking Duck dumplings and they were DELISH!

Christine's Peaking Dumplings because I'm currently at a lost to where my camera is. As you can see their dumplings are thin skin and you can have them steamed or pan fried. We both got them pan fried and their lightly fried on the bottom so they're still a bit chewy on the sides. Each dumpling comes with a different dipping sauce. With the Peaking duck you get a Hoi Sin dipping sauce which I LOVE!
At Rickshaw you can order 6 or 9 dumplings individually or get dumplings in a combo with soup or salad. The price is pretty good. I got 6 duck dumplings and a Thai coffee (AMAZING! Anyone that loves that perfect balance between coffee and cream sweet with a hint of bitterness will love. Even better then Cafe Su Da in my opinion) for a little under $10. Well worth it.

Then it was off to Koreatown for unknown goodies. Arty and Jeff (Christine's Beau and Beau's friend) wanted to give Pinkberry a go so the closest one I knew was in Koreatown. Plus, I wanted to see if I could stock up on any cosmectic goodies. Well, there were no cosmetic goodies BUT! I did happen to find false eyelashes! (EEP!) I found them in two different places, both recommended by M. Morning Glory (i think it's called) had Shisem eyelashes (YAYAYA!) for $5 not including tax. BUT! Then there was a store next to Pinkberry that had Shisem eyelashes for $4 with tax! The selection is smaller at the store next to Pinkberry but it's a dollar less! I don't really know the differences between the two sets that i bought since I can't read korean but I will be asking my Korean friends.
After Koreatown, we headed up to Hearld Square for some H&M and Forever21. I ended up just buying a cute little dress and blue t-shirt at F21. Then it was to Times Square where we checked out Toys 'R' Us! They had so many cute little themed sections!
The Empire State Building... in LEGOS!
A knight... in LEGOS!
A mechanical moving T-Rex in the Jurrasic Park side of Toys R Us and it roars and everything

Then it was off to Bubba Gump in Times Square for dinner before the boys headed back to MD. It's a themed restaurant from Forrest Gump and it's really cute. Everything in the restaurant is Forrest Gump related right down to the food.
Bubba Gump Restaurant

They have signs that say, "Run Forrest Run" or "Stop Forrest Stop" to let any of the waiters know if you want anything.
The table.
Christine and I got the same thing; Shrimper's Heaven. Chilled Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, Tempura Shrimp, and their yummy fries. It's kinda gross that I actually ate it all.

So after the boys left to go back to Maryland, Christine and I lingered in our hotel room for a bit. Then I remembered Kyotofu! A place I found thanks to New York Magazine! It didn't close until 1:30 am and served dessert so we decided to go!

9th Ave (between 48th and 49th I believe)
There is only one word for this place: AMAZING! I got a chocolate molten mochi cake and it was the lightest, yet amazing thing EVER! It had little blue berry chips and the mochi on the inside was just delite! It also had a little green tea matcha cream and it was perfect to even out the sweetness. I have to admit, the soy chocolate milk was a bit much but it did calm down the chocolate taste from the cake.

Christine got this amazing soy sundae that looked AWESOME and tasted like amazingness. Everything was so pretty!

I'll defiantly be going back to this place and trying their sweet tofu which is what they're known for. They also serve dinner if you're interested in a full meal. There's a bar in the front where you can sit and enjoy your food and people watch or there's a dining room in the back that looked really cute. It's small so don't miss it!

We also got a few things to go. The guy actually only gave us one of each instead of two of each, but we called them when we got back and he brought us our yummy pastries in under 30 minutes and added a few macaroons. We got a Green Tea Cupcake and a Green Tea roll. I'd stick with the cupcakes if I were you. The roll was just a bit off and not very Green Tea tasting.
You can't see it but the green tea cupcake is so green on the inside! And they gave us mini green tea cupcakes too after we finished our dessert.

After being stuffed with food we went back to the hotel and decided to try on our new false lashes. Hahah to say the least it was an interesting time

Christine's looked fantabulous.

I, on the other hand, cannot take a decent picture ever. Side view of the falsies and my double chin.
Here's a close up picture of my eyes taken after I got home. One with falsies and one without.

Then it was bedtime! Hi Christine!!!

Day 2- Chinatown, SoHo, East Village, West Village

So the day started out in Chinatown to get the Family some yummy pastries they requested. My favorite bakery in Chinatown is Tai Pan on Mott St. My grandmother goes there everytime she goes to Chinatown to bring me and my brother back pastries.

Tai Pan Bakery
Pineapple Buns!! My brother's favorite so I had to get him a few.

These are my favorite. We call them Nai Yio Bao or translated to Buttermilk Buns. Their a soft airy bun with yummy buttercream smushed in between like a hot dog and sprinkled with coconut.
Last but not least, my Lao Po Cookie or Wife Cake or Sweetheart Cake as some people call it. I think Tai Pan sells the best Lao Po cookie in Chinatown. One order of it comes with 2 cookies and each "cookie" is HUGE. As you can see from the picture its like the half size of my face! And it's soft and flaky and the inside is nice and soft with sesame seeds. MMmm. I just had one for breakfast and it was awesome.

We dropped by 22 Pell St Salon to get Christine a haircut but the stylist she wanted wasn't there yet, but we went back to the room to drop off all our pastries and then we went back and got her hair cut. I found the salon from one of Fuz's videos and Christine got the same stylist she did, Nelson. I think he did a pretty good job and he seemed really into what he was doing. If I need a hair cut next time I'm in NY I'll probably go there. After Christine got her hair cut we went off to SoHo and then off to the Village.


I heard about Uniqlo from my friend Michelle. The prices are very similar to H&M and as Michelle said, "the style here is much more Japanese." Their pretty well known for their Jeans that are only around 30 bucks a pair. I tried on a few but my only beef with them is that their pretty high waisted, which I can't rock for the life of me. But on the bright side they offer free tailoring of their jeans so even if you're short but you find an awesome pair you're set! I bought a cute checkered scarf that was on sale for 10 dollars.

My new scarf!

We also dropped by Girl Props but didn't find anything and stopped in So Good Jewelry to look at some sparkly jewelry, but we were in a bit of a time crunch and hadn't even gone to the Village yet which was our big mission!

West Village

Marc Jacobs

I LOVE the Marc Jacobs store in the west Village. Last time I went there I found the cutest hats (my mushroom hat that I lost :( ) and wallets and little accessories. If you get lucky they tend to have some really good sales! My cousin went there once and she's a MJ addict like me. They were having a 60% off sale and she stocked up.

I only bought this little compact that I actually saw last time I was in NYC. It'd so cute!

Beard Papa's is another suggestion that my friend Michelle gave. It's a cream puff bakery chain that is based in Hong Kong. There's one in the West Village and another in the East Village. We only got one to start and see how it tasted and I must say, it is heavenly! The cream is filled into the puff when you order it and the cream itself is nice and cool and not too sugary like I was expecting it to be but still packed enough flavor to make it sweet. They have different flavors on differnt weeks of every month. When we went it was Earl Grey but I decided to stick with the original to start. Definatly a must try. It looks just like the picture.

This place is AWESOME! It's self serve and has a bunch of flavors! They had Lychee!!!!! I had a little bit of lychee, green tea, and strawberry. Not as good as Pinkberry or Red Mango, but it's pretty yummy for .49 cents an ounce.

East Village
Chikalicious, Dessert Club
204 E 10th St

The prices for the cupcakes at this place is actually really good. I think it's 1.75 ish for the regular flavors and 2.75 or something for the premium flavors. They are pretty small but I think their perfect and not too sweet and still moist.Red Velvet, Mocha, and Carmel cupcakes! I haven't eaten them all yet, but I did have the red velvet today and it was yummy even though it's about 3 days old and were in the fridge since I've been home Thursday. ** If you ever refridgerate butter cream cupcakes please allow them to sit oustide for a few minutes to let the buttercream soften**

Dessert Truck
Location changes depending on time. Check their website/twitter for up to date location.

So after Ippudo we were still a bit hungry. Well, we were in New York and surrounded by food! We went to the Dessert Truck to get something to bring back to our hotel. I first heard about this place from Bobby Flay's Throwdown on Foodnetwork (where I found/heard half of the food places we go to in NYC) and wanted to give it a try because I thought their truck was so cute! And their bread pudding looked really yummy. Everything is under $8, I believe, and they only have about a 6 item menu. We both got the Bread Pudding, which is what they challenged Bobby Flay to. Their bread pudding comes with either a vanilla sauce or a bacon sauce. I wasn't adventerous enough to try the bacon sauce but everyone in the show seemed to like it a lot.
This is the Dessert Truck on St. Mark's and 3rd Ave in the East Village. You can't miss it!
The Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce. Even the bag is cute!
Christine digging into her bread pudding.
My bread pudding after it was half eaten. SO GOOD!

Shake Shack
23rd St between Madison and Broadway, in the Park.
hours: 11 am to 11pm

My single Shackburger! I don't know what they put in it (crystal meth!?) but it's so good... and addicting... and yummy.
Me chowing down... hahaha it's kinda gross how much I eat.Devoured. Fries, Burger, and hotdog.

Day 3

It was time to go home. We checked out of hour hotel, hung out at Dean and Deluca for half an hour and went down to Penn station. I was sad to leave but happy to come home. Daniel picked us up and we just hung out at mi casa for a while.

School starts on monday and I'm not happy about it but I gotta get it done. I'm gonna get ready and head out to VA with Christine and Manda!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Tell Me Darling Do You Wish We'd Fall In Love?

My new obsession: Glee/Cory Monteith
Glee is a new series on Fox that is essentially High School Musical with a lot more comedy and a girl that doesn't sing through her nose that you can't help but hate. The pilot premiered and the actual show won't start until fall, but I already can't wait!
No RPattz, but he can sing and be hilarious. His eyes aren't too bad either. (Gush) Haha, Daniel always tells me that every guy I find attractive is always a brunette and he never understood why I am attracted to him. He's just special, I suppose.

Here's a clip of Glee singing one of my favorite songs of all time. (Journey's Don't Stop Believin')

And this clip here is the one that offically got me hooked to this show:

So I need a solution to my bad habit of wanting to go to the mall and this is what I have come up with: Make a Wish List. It helps me slowly cross off one thing at a time but should prevent hauls. Of course I'm making this list after I just got back from the mall and bought more Mac products. So as I jam out to Simon and Garfunkel you get this LIST of amazing little knick knacks. My friends may think that I rarely buy shit, but the main reason is because it'd be a slippery hill once I start. Plus, it's not just make-up I'm in love with, I'm a bag whore. I present you (in no particular order):

C.Tang's Wish- List

1. Mac Studio Fix - NC 40
So I recently went to MAC and got matched with a foundation color, but today I bought the Mineralized Natural Powder instead because the SA told me that it would be better for summer and I don't know if I'm ready to commit to a shade yet especially in the summer knowing that I'll get darker.

MAC - $26

2. Mac Powerpoint Liner
I kinda fell in love with this liner when I bought it the other day but I ended up returning it because I didn't like the color (Grey Utility). I haven't bought a new one in black yet because I bought the Fluid Line from MAC instead (part of my MAC haul), but I'll more then likely be buying this sometime soon because I loved how smooth it went on.

MAC - $14.50

3. Benefit Jing-A-Ling
I love PINKS. Jing-A-Ling is the perfect pink! I think the color is so delicate and feminine and simply irresistible. I haven't bought this mainly because I have so much lip stuff that I haven't finished using yet, but I haven't bought a lipstick before... This will definately have to also be an investment sometime soon.

Sephora - $18

4. Louis Vuitton Totally Monogram MM
Louis are to me as baseball cards are to little boys. I collect them. It's an unhealthy love for a bag but handbags and make up are generally my weakness. I adore the bag for the side pockets and the zip close and the long straps. I have a speedy 30 that I can throw on my arm, but every girl needs a good shoulder bag. This will be mine.

Louis Vuitton - $1,000

5. Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Damier
Anyone that knows me knows that I love Louis Vuitton. It's something about the classic look that I can't get over. Christine wants the Monogram Neverfull and I have a thing about having the same bag as my friends so I decided I wanted the Damier print because I've always wanted a Louis Damier. It's perfect for going out or heading to work. It packs everything you need because it's so big and like it says... it's never full!

Louis Vuitton - $750

6. Ray Ban Wayfarers
These make me nostalgic. I remember being really little and seeing my Mommy wear them. She wore them religiously and the Ray Ban Wayfarers were the only sunglasses she wore because she didn't believe that any other pair would do. Well, my mom has moved on from the Wayfarers but she still lives by Ray Ban and sadly, like mother like daughter. I have a pair of Ray Bans but I've always wanted a pair of Wayfarers because I love the classic style and the pop culture icon it became in the 80s. Of course I have a pair from Chinatown that I got, but nothing beats the real thing. Honestly, if I had the money I'd buy a pair in every color imaginable.

Sunglasses Hut - $109-135

7. Forever 21 Print Dress
I randomly fell in love with this dress. I saw it on a rack at F21 and tried it on as a joke. (I remember telling Christine, "Who the fuck would wear this out?!") Took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to get into it, but once I put it on I had a really hard time letting it go. I wanted a size up but they didn't have it so I decided to put it down. A week later this dress was gone. I searched 2 f21 but nothing. I found it online but was (and still am) too frugal to pay for shipping. I'm waiting to go to NYC and see if I have any luck... but I'll probably buy it when I get back if I don't find it.

Forever 21 - $24.95

8. Robert Pattinson


That's it for now. =) 3 More days until NYC! Probably a post about my haul I did yesterday later on today.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

M to the D

HAHAHAHA! So I was on my Yahoo! homepage and found this article. According to it, Maryland is tied with South Carolina as the 11th state where the worst drivers live. This somehow doesn't surprise me after my outing today. Not to mention we live right next to the nation's capitol (which is 8th worst). To prove that Maryland is the 11th worst, I will share a little story with you.

I am 19 years of age and turning 20 this year. I have been in a total of 2 accidents since I got my license, none of which were my fault (just to dispel the Female Asian driver myth). I've only had my license for almost 3 years this December. My first accident was on my graduation day (FAIL!). I wasn't driving, my dad was, and we were going out to the Cheesecake Factory for a celebratory dinner in my honor (YAYAYAY!). We were literally 40 feet away from the resturant when some guy decided to not stop and crash striaght into us. You'd think the prick would have stopped, but no. It was a hit and run and he hit us from my passenger side, but that's not even what I was worried about. My elderly grandmother ( my PoPo) was in the car too. Everyone turned out to be okay and the police were called and there were even witnesses who were nice enough to stay with us. Turns out the jerkward hit us so hard that his licenese plate fell off his car. Then literally 5 days after, I was rear-ended by a mini-van while I was fully stopped a traffic light. This happened 2 days before I went off with my clan of seniors to Ocean City for our traditional beach week. To say the least I drank myself numb so I couldn't feel pains for a week but then it was followed by a full summer of physical therapy. JOY. My most recent one was another rear-ending in November. My bumper was already hanging for dear life after the first accident but the second one totaled my car... keep in mind I drove a 15 year old car that's AC stopped working and driver door failed to open from the outside. This resulted in my parents coming to terms with buying another car for me and thus I recieved my BEST christmas present ever!

My Corolla! =) But yeah. I can't count how many times I've been in "almost" accidents and I live in the Suburbs... I can't even imagine living in Baltimore. Not to mention if the weather condition is anything other then Sunny, Maryland traffice comes to a screeching halt. Rain, fog, snow, drizzle, hail, etc. Don't bother going out. And don't even get me started on the Beltway. It always shocks me when I use that term and people look at me like I have a penis on my face. The Beltway is exactly what it sounds; a big circle that connects Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. TK once told me that he drove around the entire beltway in a single day to avoid traffic.

So enough of my boring Maryland life.

This is how beautiful it's been for the past few days:

Nothing but blue skies, green trees, and sun. And you can't see it but a nice breeze too. Apparently it's amazing down in Ocean City right now too (told courtesy of Daniel).

It was so nice I went outside to take pics. I love hanging in the sun cause it lightens my hair. No dye (yet) au natrual. I just want to have long hair again.

My lashes were working for me yesterday. Yay, Fresh Supernova!!

So I mentioned in a previous post that I tried to do the winged eyeliner look but failed to get both eyes to match, but I did managed to get one eye to look alright!! Here you go:

Like I said, the grey was a bit too light for me but I'll probably either get the darker gray or black.

That's all for this post. Expect another post later due to me being bored. =)