Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So, I have 3 finals tomorrow and I should really be studying but a short post can never hurt right?

So as I jam out to one of my favorite bands, The Shins and lay in bed I had a sudden impluse to just haul the whole mall. (it's awful). But then I remembered some pictures I took of what I wore to school yesterday.

This is my usual face for school. No mascara, no liner, just a smidge of blush (Mac Springsheen from BFF). I'd usually wear mascara but that requires time that I rather sleep in during.
The sun was out and it was major sunny yesterday but we just had a crucial rain storm so it was a smidge chilly out, so I decided to wear my Marc Jacobs mushroom hat that I adore! I got it during my trip to NYC over Spring Break with my BFF. We were just walking around Greenwich completely lost but not minding because we were on an adventure that day and we loved the little shops on Bleecker so we just wandered and all of a sudden we walked by this store that didn't seem to have a name but we looked inside the window and it was decorated with flowers from wall to wall... and even ceiling! Then I looked down to see it was Marc Jacobs store! I of course freaked out and said we HAD to go in because I am a Marc Jacobs junkie. When we got inside everything was so amazingly cheap! I think it was their discount store 'cause everything was final sale, but I couldn't help myself but load up. I spent the most there during my entire trip (given that I didn't spend that much in general, stupid student budget!). I ended up getting this mushroom hat for $10! So I got it in blue and black. I have yet to wear my blue one but I find any excuse to break out the black one! My head is shaped weird so it's a little bit hard to fit it on my head but bobby pins fix that easily.

Slouchy, oversized, perfect.

Like I said, it was sunny out yesterday and whenever the sun comes out the clothes start getting shorter/nonexistent. Just rocked a shirt that I got from Heritage for like $7 ( green and stripped, my fave), Gap mini skirt (adore), and Blowfish black flats that I got at Feline's Basement near me right before they closed for under $30.

This is half my current life. Physics, Organic Chemistry II, Calculus, Communications. LAME. I wonder why I choose to be a Biological Science major some days. That's right, it's because I'm a total nerd/geekoid when it comes to cells.

You know I'm studying when I carry to backpacks out to my car. I love my Marc Jacobs backpack that I got during my Spring Break trip for $12. Roomy, comfy, and fits all my crap.
Don't hate on my Ralph Lauren Sheets. Anyone that knows me knows that I love teddy bears so when Build A Bear came to my local mall, my parents spent a shitious load of money.

Today is this gorgeous man's 23rd birthday. Many of you know him as "Edward Cullen" from Twilight or Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter. I just know him as hotness. I don't care if he smells/doesn't shower/shave. He's a boy; boys are supposed to be dirty. His jaw line is to die for, his smile is adorable, and his eyes BLERAGHH!. Some days I feel bad that he's got 12 year old girls wetting their pants when they see him, but I mean he's an actor, he pretty might signed up for it. But he's just so scruffy and manly... minus the whole sparkling business *fan girl sigh*

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