Friday, May 15, 2009

Nom Nom Nom!

So I finished my 4/5 exam today which was total hell...
But afterwords I gave Dear Daniel a call and we hung out for a bit and grabbed a bite to eat. It was my turn to decide what to food so we went through our usual bantering of making the other one pick and asking each other what we were in the mood to eat. After forgetting about food and Sporcling and then realizing that the meter on my car was up, running out of his dorm and across his community to find 1 minute left in my meter, I made the quick decision of going to get Vietnamese food.

Anyone that knows me, knows my Vietnamese side of the family and how I love embracing that side of me heritage simplely for the food. I swear, there isn't one Vietnamese thing that I don't like. I've been eating Pho (pronouced Fuh) since I could use a pair of chopsticks and my mom always made fun of me as a kid saying I was more Vietnamese then Chinese cause I would pick Pho over McDonalds or Dim Sum any day. But as I got older, I tried new Vietnamese things and I have to say my favorite is this meat dish that they serve at Vietnamese resturants that is cooked in a bowl of boiling water and viniger. So good.

About a year ago, I had pho 3 days in a row. To say that least, I actually grew sick of it that week and have not had Pho since. I stumbled upon a new favorite when I tried out this new Vietnamese place that opened up near me. Bún chả.

I remember my dad getting it when I was younger but I never really liked it, but now I'm totally in love with it and got Daniel hooked on it also. I only get it with grilled pork and just hand me my nước chấm and I'm ready to go! Nuoc Cham is the fish sauce/vingar combo that you pour on top and I love it. I really wish I brought my camera with me but it was a spur of the moment decision.

Short post, now time to shower, do some laundry, and study for like an hour for comm!


  1. Your lip color looks so gorgeous!!! =]

  2. Pho for life!!! What's the difference between Nuoc Mam and Nuoc Cham?? I always say Nuoc Mam... =P