Sunday, May 3, 2009

Greasy Head!

What do I do when I'm bored out of my mind and avoiding my Organic test grade and Calculus studies?


I can never get my hair to curl but I found my holy grail... Aussie Aussome volume hair spray! Just curl and spray and take in the yummy smell of your hair spray. I started by separating my hair into parts, but it just wasn't working for me because guess what! I'm totally uncoordinated and I get too freaked out when it gets too close. So I just take different chunks and curl half of my head, spray, crunch a bit and do the other half. Looks kinda like a mess at first.

But stick it with a headband or pin parts back with bobby pins... it's kinda cute mess then!

Close up of the hair/my face. Prepare your eyes for the terror!

Ignore the bags... total lack of erase paste today (that shizzz is amazing!)
I'm currently totally in love with my duo mascara of:
-Fresh Supernova
-Fresh Firebird
Sephora has a package of both of the Fresh mascaras in travel sizes for $10!!
It was too tempting not to buy!
The eyeliner is Sephora brand waterproof retractable eyeliner for $12 bucks! It's definately waterproof... scrubbing didn't even get this stuff off. It comes with a litle sharpener cause you know you hate it when the tips get dull on the retractables. ANNNNDDD it comes with a smudger thinger-ma-bob.

I should totally be doing Calc right now... but I think a shower is needed.

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I watched Hannah Montana: the Movie with my lovers last night via internet and I have to admit it was a pretty banging movie!

Now if you ever quote me on saying that I'll deny it.

this week's episode of Sonny With A Chance was adorable!

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