Thursday, May 21, 2009

M to the D

HAHAHAHA! So I was on my Yahoo! homepage and found this article. According to it, Maryland is tied with South Carolina as the 11th state where the worst drivers live. This somehow doesn't surprise me after my outing today. Not to mention we live right next to the nation's capitol (which is 8th worst). To prove that Maryland is the 11th worst, I will share a little story with you.

I am 19 years of age and turning 20 this year. I have been in a total of 2 accidents since I got my license, none of which were my fault (just to dispel the Female Asian driver myth). I've only had my license for almost 3 years this December. My first accident was on my graduation day (FAIL!). I wasn't driving, my dad was, and we were going out to the Cheesecake Factory for a celebratory dinner in my honor (YAYAYAY!). We were literally 40 feet away from the resturant when some guy decided to not stop and crash striaght into us. You'd think the prick would have stopped, but no. It was a hit and run and he hit us from my passenger side, but that's not even what I was worried about. My elderly grandmother ( my PoPo) was in the car too. Everyone turned out to be okay and the police were called and there were even witnesses who were nice enough to stay with us. Turns out the jerkward hit us so hard that his licenese plate fell off his car. Then literally 5 days after, I was rear-ended by a mini-van while I was fully stopped a traffic light. This happened 2 days before I went off with my clan of seniors to Ocean City for our traditional beach week. To say the least I drank myself numb so I couldn't feel pains for a week but then it was followed by a full summer of physical therapy. JOY. My most recent one was another rear-ending in November. My bumper was already hanging for dear life after the first accident but the second one totaled my car... keep in mind I drove a 15 year old car that's AC stopped working and driver door failed to open from the outside. This resulted in my parents coming to terms with buying another car for me and thus I recieved my BEST christmas present ever!

My Corolla! =) But yeah. I can't count how many times I've been in "almost" accidents and I live in the Suburbs... I can't even imagine living in Baltimore. Not to mention if the weather condition is anything other then Sunny, Maryland traffice comes to a screeching halt. Rain, fog, snow, drizzle, hail, etc. Don't bother going out. And don't even get me started on the Beltway. It always shocks me when I use that term and people look at me like I have a penis on my face. The Beltway is exactly what it sounds; a big circle that connects Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. TK once told me that he drove around the entire beltway in a single day to avoid traffic.

So enough of my boring Maryland life.

This is how beautiful it's been for the past few days:

Nothing but blue skies, green trees, and sun. And you can't see it but a nice breeze too. Apparently it's amazing down in Ocean City right now too (told courtesy of Daniel).

It was so nice I went outside to take pics. I love hanging in the sun cause it lightens my hair. No dye (yet) au natrual. I just want to have long hair again.

My lashes were working for me yesterday. Yay, Fresh Supernova!!

So I mentioned in a previous post that I tried to do the winged eyeliner look but failed to get both eyes to match, but I did managed to get one eye to look alright!! Here you go:

Like I said, the grey was a bit too light for me but I'll probably either get the darker gray or black.

That's all for this post. Expect another post later due to me being bored. =)


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