Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poke Her Face

So, I've kind of disappeared for a week due to academic commitments. I'm currently taking a summer course (Anatomy and Physiology) which isn't even required for my undergraduate major but it's a requirement for Pharmacy school, so here I am stuck taking it in the middle of the summer. But I find that the best way to take a study break (or not study at all) is to play with make up! Like last night tonight. I was supposed to study for my quiz in my Lab. I was supposed to memorize all the cells' organelles, layers of the skin, different types of tissues found in the body and its function and location, different kind of membranes, and all the anatomical names of the body. Yeah... about that. I can probably name 3 out of the 4 membranes and all the organelles and half the functions only cause I've been forced to learn them since 8th grade.

But enough of my boring academic life. No one wants to hear about the life of a biological science major because it is simply that boring. I've snapped a few pictures over the course of the last week or so. If you haven't figured out I love picture heavy posts. I'm a visual learner so pictures are my friend...

Plus who doesn't like looking at things?!

So, before last week, I followed my daily face routine very strictly and was starting to get amazing results. My skin was clear for over a week for the first time since I hit 13! Not to mention my face was so soft and the bags under my eyes had disappeared (but then again getting 9 hours of sleep can help too). I washed my face every night before bed and made it a point to moisturize my entire body and exfoliate twice a week like clock work. Well, ever since school started that routine has gone down the shitter. I went four days without washing my face and now I have little breakouts. I'm getting back into my routine because I want to keep my skin healthy looking and not some freakin' oily pizza mess.

This is what I use on a daily basis. You can also find it in my "Can't Live Without" list, but I have added Cetaphil Moisturizing cream to my must haves. I generally only wash my face once a day (at night) because when I wake up my face still feels very fresh. I generally just put on my Olay SPF15 moisturizer and go to school.
I use the Cetaphil Moisturizing cream as a night cream. It's intended for dry or sensitive skin (which I have neither) but I find it works really well. I had thought about buying this product for a while but ended up buying it for my brother instead. My brother suffers from pretty severe eczema and it's been an issue since he was a child, but last week it got really bad and went onto his face (which has never happened before). Aquaphor by Eucerine also helps people with eczema but the main ingredient is petroleum jelly so it leaves a shine. My brother complained about the shine (because he's in high school and he refused to show up with his face all shiny so he rather suffer... kids) which is one of the main reasons I got the Cetaphil because it doesn't leave a shine at all and it absorbs well. His eczema was all over his face and even at his eyelids. The poor kid was scratching wherever he had his eczema and I could tell he was suffering so prior to bringing him to his doctor, so I did a bit of research and found that many people had used Cetaphil to help their eczema. The next day I ended up going to 3 different stores before I found this product. I brought it home and gave my brother very strict instructions to wash his face morning, afternoon, and evening (he's got really bad allergies and his skin is very sensitive) and to apply the cream like it was his job. He used the cream just like I told him and his eczema was completely gone in under a week! He has no scars (unlike his elbows) and you can't even tell his face was severely dry less then a week before. His skin looked better then mine! He continues to use the cream everyday just like I tell him (even though I stole it today) but we share it and I love this stuff.
A little bit of it goes a LONG way and the tub is so much. In the picture shown, that covered most of my face. I had to dip my finger back in for a little bit more for my forehead but that pretty much did the job.
Minimal shine (depite the lighting)! I find Cetaphil products are cheapest at Target. A 12oz ( I think that's what it is) tub is only 10.99, BUT Costco sells a 20z tub for the same price and we all know how great it is to find a bargin!

So enough about eczema! My cousin graduated from high school last week and we went out for some Japanese Habatchi! Yum!! So this is basically what I wore out to dinner. I wish I got pictures of the dinner itself but I didn't bring my camera :(
My face. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the light, but I look ghastly pale. I don't look anything like an NC40.

What I Used:

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Medium Plus
MAC Springsheen
Benefit Erase Paste in Medium
Benefit Bad Gal
Fresh Supernova
Korres Pomagranate Lip Balm
Kiehl#1 Lip Balm

Here's a close up of my cheek where you can actually see the Springsheen. I love love love this color of blush. It's the perfect pink with a slight shimmer and it's sheer so it looks very natural. Thanks so much to Chrsitine for surprising me with it last month. I think I'll have to invest in Dollymix next. The color is so cute!
My lips were working for me that day!!! ( I get really excited about little things)
This was when I was dedicated to my skin routine. I will make my face look this smooth once again! BTW, I love my MAC MSF! It gives you that perfect fresh face look. I was told you're supposed to put it on last, but I always put it on first after my primer but I don't wear anything other then that and blush so I don't think it really makes a difference.
This is what I wore. A colorblock tank-ish thinger from F21 that can actually be worn as a dress (it has a bubble end) but it's hella short & jeans from AE. AE are the only jeans that even remotely fit me properly without having to get them tailored because I'm so short.

So I've been wanting to try out liquid liner for a while ever since I failed at Mac's Fliud Line. Christine recommended that I try Loreal Lineur Intense. It comes in a brush tip or a sponge tip. I opted with the sponge tip because I find it a lot easier to use. This cost under 9 dollars at CVS.
You MUST shake this bottle before you use or else there will not be enough product at the end of the sponge to line your eye. It is really easy to create a thin like with the tip and the sponge isn't too hard or too soft (I feel like Goldilocks). It does not drag at all and I really like this product. If I ever feel like making a thicker line I just use the side and line or just layer another line on top. I find it really easy to use and it takes a little bit to dry. It does crease a little bit and is true to color. I've only played around without and haven't worn it out yet so I don't know how it would last in Maryland weather. It is not waterproof one bit and comes straight off once it comes in contact with water.
Here's me with the l'oreal liquid liner on. I only put it on one eye and winged it out a little bit (unsuccessfully) I actually like the product a lot and would definitely recommend it to others.

Okay, so ever since I got back from NYC with my false lashes I've been dying to just play with them. I'm not daring enough to wear them out since I don't usually go out clubbing or partying (I'm a big home body but I love to go out too, even if my friend Brett doesn't like to believe it). So, during my study break yesterday I decided to do a half and half look. Half dolled up and half not just so people can see the difference because I'm always interested in how make up enhances you're features.

So, on the left half I put my face and the right is bare. Ta Da! The lashes are so freakin' theatrical but I love it. I have no idea where the heck I would wear them to but always good to have them handy then not to have them at all. I had a little bit of difficulty getting them on the other day but I figured out the secret; Don't be afraid to put enough glue on the lashes. Don't over due it but make a good line because it drys clear (LIKE ELMER'S GLUE!!). Then use liquid liner and make it look very natural. Oh, just a tip if you plan on putting on false lashes: curl your real lashes first. My lashes on the inner corner of my eye were being a pain and wouldn't curl once I had my fake lashes on.

Heres a side by side comparison. The lighting is off so my right face looks uber pale but the left looks glowy, but you get the point. I used the Loreal liquid liner to line the top of my lid and used MAC Powerpoint in Engraved to tightline my upper inner lid to make it look somewhat real. I actually like this look a lot. I might trim down the lashes a bit though. Oh! And on my face is the ususal MAC MSF and Springsheen.

Haha my teeth look huge and I didn't even know that was possible. Striaght teefs thanks to braces!
RAWR! Yes, I do tend to rawr in a middle of a conversation.
Herro eyes. I didn't put on erase paste since it was 11 pm at night and I was about to wash my face anyways, but I really like how exaggerated the eyes are.

You can see my inner lashes don't blend in with my false ones. But now I know, curl first then put on lashes! Plus those damn inner lashes never really curl without me pinching sometimes.
If you couldn't tell I was kinda obsessed with my right eye and didn't want to study. My blue Death Cab for Cutie shirt that Dan got me for Christmas two years ago.
Closed eye with winged liner.

Now it's time to study for my exam tomorrow. Hopefully I will be keeping up with my blog a lot more and buying new stuff so I don't do the same look over and over again haha.



  1. Hey Christine~ ooo you have that st ives apricot scrub too, everyone has that..i must try that soon haha anyways, you did so good with the liner! haha you will fall in love with using liquid liner once you get the hang of it. And you ever tried more natural looking false lashes? that way you can wear them on a daily basis without feeling like your eyes are too dramatic. =P

  2. i love this post! you did an awesome job and look so damn fab! i need to get back on my routine as well, my skin is slightly breaking out and im flippin a shit lol

  3. AW im sorry to hear about school, it is so stressful I know but keep it up hun! The olay face lotion combo/oily is my HolyGrail too!! LOL what a cowinkydink. THe lashes look great on you. Did the mac fluidline not work out for you still? I'm sorry to hear that babe!! The new liner looks good though. =] MUAHS.