Friday, June 26, 2009


Hahaha! I don't even know why we were on YouTube but my friend saw this on the home page and had to click it and I died of laughter. Please notice the older gentleman with the head band in the suit. Priceless.

After we watched this video, it was followed by watching the T-Mobile Train station dance video and a series of videos where college students "flashmob raved" their campus. Like this done by UVA during finals week:

Who knew those Ivy Leaguers were such party animals!

And then there's this one done by UNC Chapel HIll:

AHAHAHA the Library staff look so clueless.

My friend, Tony, and I were talking about it and we both agreed that UMD should do something like this but our library's layout doesn't work for a bunch of kids to mob it at once without it being a total fire hazard. I'm still suggesting the new Business building because each floor over looks the ground floor and the first floor is so open that a bunch of kids can bum rush it.

Look for it on youtube within the next few years. University of Maryland Flash Mob Rave. Before I leave UMD I want to do something like that.

Here's the real reason for this post! I made a video blog and wanted to share =) enjoy: (sorry the sound is really low... =( )

RIP Michael Jackson, King of Pop.

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