Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boys: You Cannot Take Them Anywhere

So I've been dying to see Up since I first saw the trailer over 6 months or however long ago. So being the whiner I am (ahaha) I asked Daniel to go see it with me and he agreed since it wasn't a Chick-Flick or Twilight. I knew Adubbs wanted to see it too so we accidentally double dated =)
Daniel wouldn't let me take a picture of him because his "hair is messed up and didn't shave." PSH!!! Let the world see your cute face!

Amanda and CBreezy in my room before we left. I have no idea what Chris is doing but they're matching without even planning it.

I drove us to the mall to do a little bit of hanging before the movie. I was able to get a replacement MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Powder at Nordies and it was AWESOME. The smile on my face couldn't be bigger. Then we grabbed a bite to eat at Panera because the Boys were hungry and then it was about a few minutes of playing at the Apple store because they had a demo of Sims 3 (WHICH COMES OUT TODAY!!!) and Amanda simply had to play. Then it was off to go see Up!!
Amanda with the New Moon poster in the theatre. Up was awesome!! I thought it was such a cute movie and I think it's a good date movie too. I don't want to mention too much of the plot just in case you plan on seeing it but it was adorable! We decided to head back to the Mall because none of us wanted to go home yet. Let it be warned: Do Not Allow Boys into Sephora! While Amanda and I were wandering around Sephora, the boys decided to spray each other with random colonge... then thought it'd be fun to spray each other with women's perfume... then tried to mask the smell with their favorite colonge... and just ended up stuffing up my nose all night.

After going to the mall, then the movies, then back to the mall, we decided to grab some dinner at our local Macaroni Grill. Amanda, Chris and I got the Chef's Trio where you pick a salad, a entree, and a dessert for between 12-14 dollars. Your usual deal at your chain Italian restaurant. Daniel got his pesto pizza which was yummy too. Even though I'm not a big fan of Macaroni Grill just because it doesn't sit well with me and a bit oilly, I love that we get to draw on the table!

My side of the table. One thing says, "We All Love Each Other... (Please!)" and it doesn't show but it said Dan smells.
Chris Brown's side of the table. (Yes, his name is acutally Chris Brown thus why I call him CBreezy).
You can't take boys anywhere! They'll draw a penis, boobs, and butts on the table. Not to mention after we finished eating, they thought it'd be fun to throw crayons into each other's drinks.
They have a little bromance going on. It's kinda weird, but I can learn to deal with it.

Yup, all in all a good and fun accident double date =)



  1. boobs & butts on the table! AAAAA. haha!
    that seemed like a fun night!

    i don't think daniel's hair is messed up at all.

  2. Hmph. I'm jealous, I wish I could take a picture near the New Moon poster. Lol :)

    I thought UP was a good, cute movie too! I think everyone enjoyed it very well.

    ~ Following your blog, yeeeee. ♥