Thursday, August 27, 2009

"The One Thing I Hate About Fake Eyelashes is... that They're Not Real..."

So Becks showed me this video the other day:

I DIED of laughter and proceeded to watch most of her other videos....

Here are my favorites!:

...this one is the BEST one... AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I've watched it 5 times and I'm still laughing...

She talks about Harry Potter... enough said!

I am shocked she hasn't gone completely viral since she's been featured on Perez Hilton's fashion blog, Coco Perez... woman is HILARIOUS! The fact that she incorporates make up in her parodies just kills me.

Enjoy :D


  1. haha love the Ganguro!!! She's hilarious right?!?! I never get tired of the chola makeup tutorial, but now the ganguro might just top it.

  2. This was possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen!! I love her "bitch face"! Thanks for sharing :P

  3. Omg, she needs her own show...LMAO!

  4. she's sooo funny. I discovered her one night and omg..... I nearly died of laughter and woke everyone up! XD!! It was soooooo FUNNY!

    and as for your comment, my skin is FAR from perfect, especially when I took the picture that day! haha :D I had 3 huge pimples, 2 on my left cheek and 1 on my chin area!! And I really liked those colors too but it's not an everyday color :)

    The person being stubborn first asked me to hold items until sept 3 and I didn't realize how long it was gonna be before that date before I promised her yes. Then they email me back saying can I get a discount when I discounted the shipping already and the fact that I think my prices are cheap enough already for the brands I have listed and the fact that they're practically brand new!!!! Then her next email said you're not gonna give me anything free? So in my head I was like OMG are you SERIOUS?!?! I just feel bad because she's like "it's my birthday soon" and stuff because it's not like me to be mean.. lol but in this case I might have to! Oh well, I hoped you enjoyed my little vent :P

  5. that's so funny^^ i love the ganguro one ^^

  6. OMG cant wait to go home n watch itt!!!!!!!!!!!!!