Sunday, April 26, 2009

OMG It's an Obession

This is my new blog about... everything. mostly food and make up though.
I've discovered a love for Sephora and completely over-priced make up, but my love for food has always existed.

The first thing I wanted to review for my blog is:

1) Maeda-En Mochi Green Tea Ice Cream
Any lovers of Green Tea and Mochi will ADORE this marriage between the two. I got a box of 6 from H-Mart for 4.99 and I think it's worth EVERY penny. One thing though, make sure you check that it's not melted immediately after you buy it. My parents got a box of vanilla perviously and they were melted before we got to sink our teeth into them. I wouldn't recommend buying them if your commute from the Market is more then 20 minutes on a hot day.
It's got a perfect green tea and matcha taste and the mochi is perfectly soft but gummy even after being frozen! You can leave the box out for a little bit to make the mochi softer but it gets a bit sticky. If served frozen you can even cut it into fourths and it'll make a perfect treat at a party!
I will definitely be buying more.
Additional flavors: Vanilla, Mango, Strawberry, Sweet Red Bean, and Chocolate!